Monday, March 31, 2008

Love Hovels

10" x 12"
I've been painting a series of "Love Hovels". Indications of some unknowable public/private (and possibly creepy) human habitation motivate the paint exploration. With these paintings I believe (and hope) the narrative and formal are morphing into an 'other', in terms of viewing experience. 10" x 12"
I want to suggest space, or rather place, so that we imagine it rather than see it; as we experience it when reading. One quirk in the work of untrained artists is their suggestive representation of space. While a naive artist may intend an illusion of space, their nonacademic approach derails this goal. They give enough clues, and we know what they mean. We can't really see it though, as a convincing illusion, and so we must imagine it. We get to imagine it. And what we imagine is more of a place or even an idea than it is a space. (And I believe this is different from when an image is intentionally rendered flat/non-illusionistic).

I'm loving the hovels.

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