Monday, August 15, 2011

Lane Markers on web site

I've finally uploaded works from the Lane Markers series to my site, along with this brief verbal description of the series. This group is demanding studio attention, after being cast aside for several months. It's good timing.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kildare Puppies

My neighbor's dog had 8 puppies. Momma is a very sweet and beautiful hound mix. The puppies are 3 1/2 weeks. They will be available to adopt in 3 weeks. E-mail me if interested.


Recent Work

Logo 1, 6" x 6.5" Logo 3, 4.75" x 3.5", acrylic and oil

Logo 2, 5" x 4.75"

Party Favor, 10" x 7
", acrylic

Life After ____, 11.5" x 10", acrylic and oil

Gifted and Lucky, 10" x 11.5"

Forgotten Parties, 9.5" x 10", acryic and oil Missing Decade, 9.5" x 11", acrylic and oil Abandoned Legacies, 13" x 11.5" Stroll Troll, 10" x 8" Present, 8" x 8", acrylic

I resisted posting this new work until it was hung. These works were all completed in June or July of 2011. All were started in acrylic. Some maintained most or all of the original acrylic imagery. Some were continued in oil to the point where the acrylic start is no longer present. All are on 1/2" shaped birch plywood. They are currently on view through August 26 in Asynchronous Salon.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Asynchronous Salon - installation

Last weekend Mary Addison Hackett was in town to help install Asynchronous Salon, and to perform her wall painting. I put her up in my newly converted artist's studio fantasy suite, complete with cat, clamp reading light, and sweet scents of linseed oil.
The Marsh Gallery at Herron School of Art is a beautiful space. It's on the east end of the main hall, and this show will be up through August 26, with a closing reception on the the 26th, 5 - 8 p.m.

Steven LaRose's series "The Barely Comprehensible Realm".

*MAH photo
*MAH photo
*MAH photo Nomi Lubin's collages. More work at "Paintings" and "Not Paintings".

*MAH photo My recent shaped panels paintings.

*MAH photo *MAH photo Mary Addison Hackett's Pool Paintings from Fluid: The Elusive Chapters from the Passage of Time.

*MAH photo

Mary Addison Hackett's alla prima wall painting which she did while listening to Arcade Fire's "The Suburbs." The album is 64:07 in length, as is the painting, per MAH's pre-established rules. A videotape of the painting will run throughout the exhibition.

*MAH photo "The Suburbs, 64:07"

Spacial weirdness. Ahem...above.

Until next time......

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Horse Painting

This is from the late 1980s, is/was about 12" x 12", and I still remember the panicked focus with which I painted it. The slathered-on medium dripped through the brushstrokes as they were being made, and at some point I finished painting, and then watched and waited to see how much more image melting would occur. I don't remember if I laid the painting flat to limit the sludge flow. I probably did.

I went through a phase where I really wanted to paint, but did not want to think about what I was painting, or why/if it were important. I just wanted to paint. I would go through old dictionaries looking for simple line illustrations. I'd find something and I'd paint it. This is from that period. At the time I was rejecting all art dialogue, both from the outside and from within.

It's interesting to see art reduced to such conceptually simple terms.