Thursday, July 30, 2009


This year, my New Year's self-reflective ponderings ended with the basic question: "Yeah, but what really matters?"


...very quick answer...what matters is a condition? I consider the experiences of relationships, personal growth, artistic discovery, work, physical indulgences, etc. , and realize the quality of 'vibrancy' IS crucial. It's not always apparent, but it is something I value.

Now here I am in the icebox of February, senses dull and muddy, it's a struggle to stay alert. I wander through days, then weeks. I meander through paintings, never completing them, just making endless revisions.

February is a month of missing time and forfeiture of will, and so, if one is an alien abductee practicing meditation, it may well be a time for vibrant living. Have at it.

* My first Rocktown post, from the deleted first year, re-created from a recently discovered folder of copies.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Studio Turf Wars

I could pretend this day job stuff is a distraction and a hindrance, but the truth is, I like the break. This little playstation is just an add-on to a dresser and mirror I'll be painting, though it will probably take every bit as long to do. Client's instructions are simply to replace all the pink with other colors.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


I'm about to start some new paintings that will be more scenic, as in rectangular pictures, mostly landscape-type space. They will incorporate imagery from my current body of work in a way that, frankly, subverts it. I'm bursting with delight at the prospect of mocking what I just did.

Oh, I've already said too much....

Latest Minor Diety

50" x 52", Oil on wood
I'm re-embracing the minor diety theme for these paintings. This one must monitor something like great aunts' crafts aesthetics. Everything was making too much sense, and then late last night I goofied it up. Not sure where it stands now, but I need to clear out the studio for a week or two for day job furniture painting.

This is probably the last such painting for a while. A new painting path opened up and I'm taking it....

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nomi Lubin - Paintings and Not Paintings

I've been enjoying Nomi Lubin's evolving stream of collages for some time now. It seems just wrong to only post three, they play off one another so well. These are all quite small, 3.5" - 7" -ish. See more for yourself at her collage site, Not Paintings.

Then whack your noggin a couple times to reset your cognitive compass, and visit her painting site, Paintings, for more visual treats.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Giganticism at Silas Marder Gallery

Mount K, 10" x 10"
I made frames today for four paintings from the Mount series. They will be in the upcoming "Giganticism" show at Silas Marder Gallery, 120 Snake Hollow Rd., Bridgehampton, NY. This gallery occupies a huge barn within the Marder nursery on Long Island. In addition to the main gallery, Silas has 'shed shows' and in summer, on Fridays, shows films on the hay wall.
If anyone out east can make it, the opening is this Saturday, July 11.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Gallery - Shelbyville

I am July's featured artist at my uncle's gallery in Shelbyville, IN. It is a local cooperative, called "The Gallery" and is located just south of the downtown circle.