Friday, April 17, 2009

Reconditioned Painting

11" x 14"

About a month ago I pulled out this old, really dufus panel, and 'augmented' it up into something rather interesting. I have no 'before' pic, but this was a complete throwaway. This reconditioning of discards is yet another series I've been comtemplating. These are not reworked or painted over. It's more of a calculated or even callous "what good can happen to this piece of shit?"


M.A.H. said...

Right on, sister!

Anonymous said...

It gives me goose bumps. I really like this. I'll try to figure out why later.

Carla said...

Thanks.Though I had no conscious subject matter in mind, the original image has those ominous cartoon clouds and "road" or inverted twister. That combined with the aging effect of the yellow-ish glaze...perhaps goosebump-inducing.