Sunday, December 20, 2009


This is an in-progress shot from 2007. I remember being most interested in the white foreground shape, and being frustrated by the rest of this painting. I ended up painting out all but the white shape and cutting the panel into a shape. I tossed it aside for a couple years, and then painted it into something else.

I just happened onto this image and am blown away by the simple egg shaped figure in landscape.

When one paints imagined figures within the illusion of a gravity-bound space, it so easily slips into a yucky type of surrealism, stylistically. Some of this results from a perceptual rut, where we tend to lump together to many different things, without distinguishing what's really there. I tend to reject some of my own tendencies, because I start identifying them a certain way, with certain types of work.

Long-winded way to say I wish I had this panel and I'd paint out the white shape and the yellow shape, and just leave the big egg.


Carla said...

I think I'd also add a curving fence around the right side. Maybe I should be painting today.

Nomi Lubin said...

Yeah, interesting what you say about the problems of painting imagined figures within an illusionistic mostly earth-bound space. Have thought about that a lot. But I think you pull it off amazingly. Your "surrealism" is NOT the yucky type!

gcs said...
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gcs said...

funny. it is the white shape tending to the yellow shape, in spite of the egg shape, that drew me in.

Carla said...

Oh rats, back to cogitating.