Sunday, August 15, 2010

Studio Buzz

I've not painted for a few weeks, and have lost momentum with the metallic ground paintings. I decided to go ahead a start another group of small shaped pieces. My plan is to work within a much more narrow and focussed area, using a limited palette (although the red-purplish "comma" shape just screamed to be different) and a really simple, central shape/object. This one keeps haunting me, and making me want to zero in with a more narrow focus.

Meanwhile, I'm pulling out paintings from around 2005 and reworking them. Above is the reworked version. I'll be brave and show the earlier piece below. Title was "Conscription of Venus", may or may not keep. The above could well fall into the "Lane Marker" series, and it has me thinking of these markers with a broader subjective vista in mind.

So, with the metallic paintings, which I do plan to continue working on, and another pair of paintings (for now, a secret project), I have four distinctly different groups of paintings going. I really like this a lot. I can move deeply into the process and then back out to a broader perspective.


Nomi Lubin said...

Wow, these are fascinating.

Interesting how narrative the old one becomes once I see the new one. Not that I don't like narrative pictures, but somehow the new one sucks the mystery out of the old one.

I can't believe you post old versions of paintings! I pull reworked things immediately. I feel like someone's looking at me naked. But I like to see other people naked, so very glad you oblige.

That overall pattern on the old one is quite something. What a great thing to try to make work. I think liking the new image better is really throwing me, because I'm pretty sure I would have thought you'd pulled it off in the old version. Now I'm not sure. Did you have a bunch with that kind of pattern running over (under?) them?

Carla said...

I think that's the only painting with the all-over patterning. Now I think that I was unsure of the painting back then, as a painting, and that helped it feel resolved in some way.

But just last night I decided I'm going to paint figures back in, and probably much more distinct ones. It seems a bit cowardly not to.

Nomi Lubin said...

Whoa, really? Wow, exciting!

I'm just going to paint vicariously through you. You'll hardly notice.