Monday, October 4, 2010


I don't think we should make art based on where, or who, is our audience. We spend ridiculous amounts of time and attention engaged in the artistic process. This is where its value lies; in what cool new comprehensions we can sometimes, if we're lucky, bring forth into existence. This is the value of artistic exploration.

We've all had those things materialize, which we doubt anyone else will respond to. They are too obscure and too situational to extend beyond our own audience of one. These experiences have value. It does not matter that I, Carla Knopp, experienced it, but it does matter that some human did. It matters that it happened.

This is purely belief.

It comes down to "does life matter?" or does it need justification. If life does matter, without justification, then a single artist painting in the woods matters. It is enough. This is why it is such a great bonus when the work clicks with others as well. If you're reaching into barely comprehensible places, then it is just amazing when others can and will peek into that realm with you. I find this more exciting and meaningful, for everyone, than crafting my boundaries to engage a particular audience.


Steven LaRose said...

That seems right.
"The Barely Comprehensible Realm" will be the working title for my new cluster.

M.A.H. said...

Someone recently told me that reading my blog and other blogs had inspired them to get back in the studio and commit to a practice after getting sucked into their day job for 10 years. It made me remember that my job is just to do what I do. If I do a half-way decent job, maybe someone else will pick up a brush, start a blog or appreciate art. If I'm really lucky they'll throw money at me.

I admit, though, that the, "does life matter" question is sometimes too heavy for me, especially right now. It does of course, and thankfully seeing a squirrel holding a walnut or something silly will divert my attention when it gets too heavy. And I'm always striving to be a better painter, whatever that means, so that keeps me engaged in the barely comprehensible realm.

The working title for my new work is "Single Artist Painting in the Woods."

Carla said...

snort laugh to you both!