Sunday, June 10, 2012

Studio Happenings

 I plan on moving the 3-d craft plaques to Dewclaw, and using that as a second studio in July and August.

 Above and below are the recently cut shaped panels, gesso primed and then base painted with arbitrarily suggestive color washes and textures. A few are full into painting mode - acrylic painting mode. There are benefits to doing these in acrylic, sometimes just as a start, and even all the way to completion. Things dry and tend to become permanent to the ongoing process/image, much more readily than with oil. This can help me stay within certain parameters, and keep things cohesive in a good way. The downside is that I don't get quite so engaged as I do when using oil. I tend to fret over things drying, both on the painting surface and the palette.

I have also been painting some non-series works, and getting very disparate imagery. I'll post those once they make some sort of sense.


MaryAddison Hackett said...

Holy cow. Fantastic.

Carla said...

Thanks. I needed an enthusiastic 'holy cow'. It feels like I'm just inching forward with everything. I'm not in high energy mode, but still, at the very least I have a LOT of prep behind me, for a lot of different things.

Nomi Lubin said...

Those 3-d craft plaques are creepy-crazy-looking. In a good way.