Friday, May 2, 2014

Deep Life Indy #2


Prior to In Vivo Gallery, William Adkins formed a group called the Indianapolis Artists' Forum. As with the other groups, Bill was the little engine that could, while the rest of us went along for the ride. “We” were a group of artists currently in Indianapolis. I believe it included Steve Paddack, Brian Fick, Ed Sanders, Becky Wilson. I had just moved back from Texas, so it must have been around 1990.

In our first meetings, we grilled Bill about the name, specifically, about the “forum” requirements. Just what do we have to do? What sort of forum? Bill kept explaining that it was informal, no expectations, just that we get together and talk about art...We still didn't get it. 

Finally, an exasperated Bill threw his hands up and said, “You don't have to talk about art, it's just to present ourselves as a group who talks about art!”

We found this hysterical. Every meeting afterward began with some shtick where we pretended to talk about art.

Such branding is so pervasive now. I'm not sure others will understand how comical it was at the time. 

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