Friday, May 9, 2008

Cellular Memory

monotype, apparently by me, 1981

It's so strange to be re-introduced to work that you don't remember making and don't identify as your own. You try to make a connection, but it's just so creepy. My recently e-mail-reunited college roomie sent this and at first I thought she was mistaken.

I wouldn't make "filler" horizontal lines like that. I wouldn't make an image like this at all. But I know this was made in ink on a zinc plate, and printed. I know how the ink was rolled and fussed to a certain state, and that a combo of linseed oil and ink created another situation, and how the intro of turps both auto-shape the highlight area, and threaten to annhilate it all. I can feel how this painted print was made.


Nomi Lubin said...

I wouldn't make "filler" horizontal lines like that.

Ha, funny.

Carla said...

Some of the art school rules are so deeply entrenched.