Monday, May 26, 2008

Nathan Boyer

"Weakest Feeling of Sublime", 8" x 10"
"Weaker Feeling of Sublime", 8" x 10"
"Full Feeling of Sublime", 8" x 10"
"Fullest Feeling of Sublime", 8" x 10"

From his website, I can't read Nathan Boyer's intentions with these. But regardless of where it falls on the sincerity map, I find these so delightful. Such a weirdly touching use of irony.

He's also showing paintings, real paintings and not just props, next to videos. He's doing something interesting with the combo.


chris said...

If there's a link to Boyer's website in the post I missed it. It's just

I'm on the same page, the paintings leave me guessing what's authentic or sincere. The storyline is definitely goofy. The color is definitely studied. I think the mystery agent is the surfaces--if they were just a little less polite and I'd call it 8-Bit Thiebaud.

Carla said...

Thanks Chris, I'm linked in now.

The depictions also change from thin and tinny to a fatter, fuller deepness, correlating to the weakest to fullest feeling of sublime. Even if he's being a wiseguy, making fun of old-school notions of sublimity, he's doing it in a charming way.

Carla said...

I see now where Nathan Boyer was recently posted on MW Capacity: