Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Bowels of My Studio

So I managed to lose my found kitten overnight. The studio door was breached by one of my other cats, and I could not find the kitten anywhere in the house. After a few hours, I decided she must have found an opening into the walls or under the floor. Luckily my floors have been sliced and diced already, so I just had to unscrew this plywood patch in my studio floor.

Yep, no real crawspace, just a half foot of a subterranean world.

I like to believe it's an unoccupied world.

There's no room for my head, so I place a light down there and angle my camera around.
No kitten here.

No kitten here........what the?

I have no idea. It looked like a bone with a dried rat face on the left.

It just looks like a rock now.

The kitten was just very well hidden in the upper world.

All is well.


Lausanne said...

So glad you found sweet kitty! Lovely photography :) Maybe you should have been an archeologist?

Carla said...

I do love finding things underground. When I dig in the garden I keep going deeper looking for things.

Anonymous said...

The kitten is a blessing. She came into your life for a reason. Interested in what you might decide on naming her.

Carla said...

No idea on a name yet. She's very sweet.

Steven LaRose said...

Steve is a good name.

I've "lost" our cat Omeed three times, making posters for telephone poles twice. One time he was trapped in a trundle bed in my daughter's room. I don't know why he didn't holler, he sure is chatty otherwise.

Are we going to get to see Children's Museum ideas?

Carla said...

I want to call her Marla, but that seems wrong....

I probably won't post that project here, until it's done.

M.A.H. said...

I left my loft one day while workers were doing drywall. When I got home, I couldn't find my cat. I located the the meowing, pulled down the drywall and ran my arm through the insulation, feeling around until I felt the cat, and blindly pulled the cat through insulation. She was sitting on the framing. Unbelievable, really. I'm sure I cussed the landlord out the next day.

Another time, my kitten fell from my second floor bathroom through a hole underneath my clawfoot tub. Apparently she landed on the basement stairs, but the basement was rented to someone else. Again, I had no idea until I heard the meowing the next day.

I miss me kitties. she looks sweet.

M.A.H. said...

Onyx was the cat. Simba was the kitten.

Carla said...

How weird to reach through like that to grab a cat. I can only remember replacing my furnace filter, which involves a serious system of taping with metallic tape. It takes about a half an hour. Cricket somehow ran past me, into the furnace box, and into the intake duct, on the other side of the taped-in filter. I figured it out pretty quickly.