Saturday, February 26, 2011

Getting to know Myrna/After a week of docile sweetness, Myrna lets her freak flag fly

She digs plants

Hides pretty well

Is explorative

Prods me to fix things. My silverware drawer has been busted for over 5 years.

She's well-balanced

Plays hard

Follows up
(I had to grab pliers and quickly bend back those two nails once I noticed her in there. They were sticking straight out, and I had been reaching in and around them for over 5 years. That goes beyond mere procrastination)

Myrna's a demanding little sweetheart


kep said...

OMG this is great and you got some GREAT shots of her! awwww she is terribly cute and I'm glad she has you.

Nomi Lubin said...

Awww, she loves you. Tough love, maybe, though, huh. These shots ARE great.

Oh, and she has a name. Nice.

Carla said...

She's always doing something photogenic. She's pretty well integrated with the other three cats. Alan liked her from the start. He knows a fun girl when he sees one. There are still issues but nothing serious. I can leave home without separating them.

Steven LaRose said...

Love the old-school witchy-poo punky-tude name of "Myrna"

Carla said...

Me too. I finally got it right with the naming.

M.A.H. said...

wow. you snagged a super kitty. So great y'all found each other.