Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Ike winds knock out power, but I'm working on samples for a client-requested glow-in-the-dark night sky (star-gazer ceiling), so I can keep working.
I finish my samples, light candles, and prepare for an electronic-free evening. I go out and buy ice cream and cottage cheese as a faith-offering to Indianapolis Power and Light. I do yoga for the first time in years. I get an art idea from the light fixture as a lie in the corpse pose with my glasses off. Life is good.
A few hours later I try to eat more ice cream. It's starting to melt. I decide to paint some doodles by blacklight.

I drink wine and go to bed. No power until noon the next day. I plug in my powerstrip and push start the computer. Crackle, crackle, pop, shit! The computer is fried.

The power goes back out an hour later and I start to get annoyed. (It's on now).

Will know in 3-5 business days if computer is deep-fried or just lightly sauteed. Being without power and without my computer should not be this disrupting.


rk said...

Are you posting this from your imaginary computer?

Anonymous said...

The doodles are really cool, they look like deep sea creatures.

Anonymous said...

I love the last one. But the next to the last one looks like a sonogram of twins.

Do you want to come over and use my computer?


Carla said...

I would so love to have an imaginary computer! It would not require an entire program called "Big Fix".

I got my computer back today! It was just the power module, and Eagle Micro Computers are great (in Castleton, across from Best Buy).

I ordered a better grade of luminescent paint. It uses an entirely different compound with which to glow, and I'll have more colors. These are gimicky in a fun way, and would be good for auction requests, or other fair-type show opportunities.