Sunday, September 7, 2008


Blythe Hager, "Visitor"

3' x 3'

I can't shake this image. I first saw it online, then happened upon it in an auxillary display, then came across it online again. I know Blythe. I know this scene. It's a very interesting area next to a nearly obsolete train track. Once a year the state fair train runs on this track. This all enhances the experience for me, but regardless, this is an outstanding painting. The skin/chair tones against the snow are amazing. It is by far the best painting I've seen in person this year.


I was recently invited to participate in a survey of local artists and venues, with the main question being: What five Indianapolis artists should everyone be keeping an eye on? I kept thinking of artists who have the potential to do some great work, but who could just as easily sit on their thumbs for the next five years. What excites me is the potential production of a mind-blowing work or body of art, regardless of an artist's career trajectory.

The survey is certainly legitimate, and my selections gave a nod to both one's career track and their sublimity-achievement potential; it was a compromise of sorts. But it helps me realize priorities. I want to classify or distinguish certain artists and certain work. Everyone is capable of a highly charged artistic experience, and the products of such moments can be very special. This work happens everywhere, and yet in artistic production terms, it's very rare. It's often outside/beyond the framework of one's own artistic intentions. It's often lost, or only very locally appreciated.

I'll be presenting such work here in some sort of categorized way. (I'm just so freakin' non-verbal and illogical right now, not to mention the grammatical struggle....and I can't even spell anymore)_________________

In summary, this is a very exciting painting by a local artist.


Steven LaRose said...

I like the painting too. It has me wondering however, if the painter had to be a good photographer first? Or maybe not a photographer but at least a good framer. That is, good at being able to see day-to-day things as compositions.

I feel guilty or insincere when I work from photographs. Maybe that is something I need to get over. Actually, I like it too. It is a different sort of mind space than the organic free for all.

cool black light creatures

Carla said...

I don't think I've ever worked from photos in my personal work, and I almost always do with my commissioned murals.

This painting is obviously photo-sourced, and it does have that look to it, but in person, it just doesn't matter like it does in other work.

I'm gonna make a stash of those black light creatures, just as soon as I get my fancy glow paint in. I'll post more later, let me know if one catches your fancy.