Sunday, September 21, 2008

Studio Happenings

38" x 44"
Confession: I've not painted since Spring (other than commissioned work). I finally scheduled a week for studio work. I only had a couple hassle-free days to paint, but I jumped back in with the larger shaped panels (which I had back-burnered well before my hiatus). I believe this overly-pestered panel is in its final incarnation, perhaps even finished. It teeters close to becoming an indulgent mess, but this JPEG confirms for me that someone of the human species was at the helm.

And more to come.


M.A.H. said...

Go, Studio, Go!
(I, on the other hand, just took on a commission project.)

Carla said...

I'm still commissioning away, but I jsut finished a string of multi-week projects. Those are the ones that take everything. They do leave small pots o' gold though.

MW said...

Carla, this is a really great painting. This is bigger than most isn't it? It invites then rescinds invitation into some symbolist landscape mashed up with a factory farm. Or is it the mask falling off some strange yellow-eyed being? I keep seeing it differently.


Carla said...

Thanks Chris. I keep seeing these differently too. In person the pictorial logic is even more nebulous, which I like, but it also keeps me feeling fairly insecure about them.

I have a very small group of these larger shaped panels that I've been painting and repainting for a couple years. I started painting the smaller panels (that you are more familiar with) because I desperately needed the reward of a finished painting or two or twenty.

Carla said...

I like your description.