Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Art Practices Are Aligning

This is surely the most similar my day job art and my personal art will ever be. The blue shapes in foreground are foam board and will hang from a ceiling. The rest are prepped and based wood panels, awaiting painted exploration.


Anonymous said...

It's very confusing.ckc.

Carla said...

Is today a holiday?

chris said...

I don't know about yesterday...apparently today is the Feast of St. Antiochus. Does that explain anything?

So what is this project? Where is it going?

Carla said...

These look like something for a public atrium, but they're decoration for SNIPS, a hair salon in Irvington. I just painted a wall mural for them this week. It's a simple scheme, but it's very effective for the space, and at 9' x 20+', only took two days.

It's amazing how efficiency-geared I am with the decorative art. It's such a nice break to know what the outcome needs to be, and to figure the best path to it.

Steven LaRose said...

I am finally making a connection between your Oversink Collection and the thoughtful Omeed comments. You've got cats right? I remember seeing them in the early Rocktown days in paint can boxes?

re: efficiency, I just accepted a straight ahead house painting job (with a simple glaze that they insist on calling fox-finish) because it was so clear what needed to be done. Headphones on, keep track of time and materials. Easy.

Carla said...

You've got cats right?

I don't even know how to answer that. Let's just say I only have five cats now.

If you live in an area where the clients request "fox" finishes, then you have quite a few more years worth of market there.