Sunday, October 5, 2008

In the Studio

56" x 47", in progress


Steven LaRose said...

What the hell?
My first response is a creepy trophy from an alien hunter's wall. Totally a Predator's garland of crabs and owls. The organic surface edge only makes me wonder what the texture is really like. I keep thinking these paintings are convex. They bulge. They expand.

I'm sure nobody else will get this but, this paintings looks like a collision of Mary Addison Hackett and Jacques de Beaufort. Complicated, of course, with your brand of dreamy surrealism.

This is my new favorite of yours.

Carla said...

"What the hell?" Aw shucks.

Well, if I've achieved anything so preposterous as a MAH/de Beaufort amalgamation....that's the stuff of dreams.

I really like your figurative interpretation. I've not been as engaged in them that way, and would like to be more so.

(Unfortunately, I think the camera lens is mostly responsible for the convex effect.)