Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Oversink Collection

Quiz: Is is what I found in my cupboard, from previous owner, or what I'll leave?


Anonymous said...

What is that weird thing back in the left-hand corner--a monkey?

I didn't remember this being so--creepy--in person.


Carla said...

That would be a chalk doggie.

Every couple of years, I remember these things, I climb up and open the cupboard just to look. Last time, they tried to escape, and now some are missing their heads.

Steven LaRose said...

You could have an eBay cache there.

I vote leave them. . . wait, are you selling your house?

Carla said...

I can't sell anytime soon, there are way too many non-code repairs I must redo, but the neighborhood shenanigans are getting old. I used to at least get good "yard offerings" in various forms: a roto-tool still in the box, a well stocked tackle box, a box of old playboys, cooking pans,etc. The last such offering was almost two years ago: a severed deer leg.

The risk/benefit ratio of living here is really tanking.

Mary Lee Pappas said...

Carla, so good to find you. Thanks for your words on my Lacey. Your kitty figurine menagerie is brilliant. I have mine tucked into a box someplace...anxiously awaiting when I have the right display to get them out to play again.

Carla said...

Thanks Mary Lee. For a while I collected bad kitty graphics - the really spooky-looking attempts at cute kitty which adorned some cat products.