Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cabin Fever Jack-assery

Alan (on left) is getting Ricky into shape. Seriously, Ricky's shoulders have noticeably bulked up since Alan joined the group.

And yet I had to save Alan from this little runt today. Felix is half Alan's size.


Steven LaRose said...

Alan, Felix, and Ricky? Please elaborate.

I love it when our two do the boxing match but the vast age difference is harsh for the 15 year old. We've been leaving his claws long to give him an upper edge.

Carla said...

Maybe you could fashion some brass knuckles for the old guy (I'm assuming guy, because the girls just don't do this beyond ,say, age 3).

I have a long history with assigning bad cat names. Felix isn't bad, but he is a hand-me-down, and came pre-named.