Saturday, February 7, 2009

Studio - New Painting

58" x 48"

Okay, this one is done for the second time. It is the one that had the red cross and yellow background. I have a lot of thoughts regarding this one and may post more on that.

I'm very very happy I found my old polarizing sheets. I can now light these better, and use these sheets over the lights to remove glare. I have been very frustrated with my camera. It's just 6meg with a crappy lens, but being able to light and show color more accurately is crucial with these. Yippy!


Henri / Mark Stone said...

Great! I am really excited by the way you've come to grips with the shape of the ground and the play of the abstract subject. You've really pushed out the lower right part of the ground allowing that edge to fold over binding in that area of dark starlike space. You've been doing something similar in your business work - that tiger breaking through the wall comes to mind. Very smart visual play indeed!

Mark Stone

Steven LaRose said...

The Harlequin's Creation Myth

The Fruit God Slips

what are you going to do with these awesome paintings?

Carla said...

Thanks Mark. I originally considered these shaped formats as just a nice bold graphic shape, one that will have some impact. With that in place, I can paint as subtle of imagery as I pleased, use muted color variations, and then still have that guaranteed 'presentation'. It's just now dawning that of course I have to address these edges, narratively and formally. I'm painting on a ground that's freaking shaped like a cartoon creature blob!

For which Steven keeps providing excellent title or subject interpretations. (I can probably answer your exhibition question very soon - shhh!).