Saturday, February 28, 2009

Studio Stuff

MD 29, 16" x 16", oil on wood
This is one of several things going on in the studio. This painting was sanded down and "ornamentated" into a surprisingly refined piece. I am reconfiguring small junk panels. I am reworking some of the earlier large shaped panels. I am considering a new context for the large shaped panels. What if they become "image generators" for various ongoing bodies of work? Some of these larger paintings have passages which could become, or inspire, a more simple "single statement" painting. What if the large panels are never completed, but rather evolve over time, giving me ideas, and directing paths of exploration. They would truly become both a practical and a metaphorical creator. The "ID" in the titles has always stood for "Intelligent Designer". It's all probably a little too resolved, too much of a plan, for my temperment. But I'll keep it in mind as a possible phantom framework in which to work.


Carla said...

To continue, the large panels would be completed, and shown with the "statement" panels they spawned (yep, I'm considering show title of "Spawn"). But these panels would hang around, for years maybe? Changing, getting sanded down, directing new groups of work.

Kim said...

interesting, very

M.A.H. said...

I love how it feels so alien yet familiar.

(I am sorry about the loss of your cat. I went through that last year and remember the same aching fog.)

Carla said...

Thanks Mary.