Friday, May 29, 2009

Flash(way)back Fridays

"Olga's World"
4.5' x 12'
'Olga' developed as this sort of self-deprecated alter-ego during my junior year at Herron School of Art, and she pretty much propelled my first group of large scale paintings. One professor described her as a Middle Ages scrub woman. Oh, and I also was into Alex Katz, and who can resist an opportunity to riff on Wyatt?
Correction: Wyeth.


M.A.H. said...

For a moment, I was pretty sure that was a riff on Wyatt Earp.

I love seeing the similarities between now and then. Such a great idea, this flashback thing. I twittered it, you know.

Nomi Lubin said...

Yes, it's part Helga, part Christina's world, part other. Though, I guess Helga wasn't even known in 1983, but you seemed to know.

And, yes, part Alex Katz. Oh, my God, it's huge. I just looked at the dimensions. Ha.

Oh, and Wyatt Earp kind of works too! (I'm rewatching Deadwood at the moment. He appears in it briefly. How timely.)

Carla said...

The Wyatt Earp inference adds a storyline possiblities that I don't even want to ponder.Scary.

Steven LaRose said...

Of course, I thought you were adding a soundtrack via Robert Wyatt: