Friday, June 19, 2009

Flashback Friday 5


I believe these are from 2000. I hadn't been painting and just wanted a straightforward representational project. In real life, these are more pedestrian than they appear here; they really do not have any quiet magic at all. I would love to explore this particular visual universe further. I'd love to really focus on slow-grinding Morandi-type still lifes, but I'd also love to do fast and facile wet-into-wet again, yet I want to toy with awkward formalities. I want to paint plein-aire landscapes, I want to make multi-layered dioramas in those cylindrical CD holders (the first will show scenes from Nick Cave's "the Murder Ballads")...
Update: I've corrected to their actual size, though they are cropped here.


Nomi Lubin said...

Oh, is that all?

No quiet magic, eh? Perhaps then they should become digital representations only. 10" x 10" screens for each of them. (Though, they don't look like squares to me.)

Carla said...

Ah, you're right. I just found them and checked. Not only is the dimension off, but these were flatbed-scanned (and cropped accordingly). In person, these are almost naive, which was not my intent, hence all my trash talking and cropping, I guess.