Monday, August 10, 2009

Susan Hettmansperger on Painter's Bread blog

Chimera, 2007-2008, oil on linen, 27" x 27"
Wow. Head over to Painter's Bread for some visual sustenance. These paintings by Susan Hettmansperger are pretty wonderful. This new blog, like me, was born on July 12.


Steven LaRose said...

I'm falling behind here. I have to run off to class right now, but I want to spend time looking at your new site and old scary paintings. But best of all, your new banner took me for a brief vertigo spin. Thanks. I don't have time to dive down Susan's rabbit hole either. . . soon, because that one looks interesting. . . tonight maybe. .

Carla said...

You and your life.

"old scary paintings" That's funny.

I decided to spell out the Rocktown Indiana schtick a little better, even though I can't really verbalize what that is.

M.A.H. said...

woo hoo, a new blog header!