Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tiger Mascot Mural, continued

I will alter the opening and it also gets jungle foliage in the background, but I need to have full-scale transfer drawings by Friday, so I'm moving forward with that.
I just like how this looks with the grid. I thought I was doing a scale of 2"=1', but I missed a calculation step. It'll work fine though, if I make my full-scale grid have 9" squares.....2"=9"
I'm testing paints for bond, paint flow, durability, and receptivity to (and/or need for) top coat.
The paint base I'll be painting over is a glossy commercial grade latex acrylic paint. It'd be nice to paint the entire house with this Asian look. Concrete block is so style receptive.


M.A.H. said...

That would be so cool to see a house painted like that. You've inspired me to paint my concrete block wall now.

Carla said...

Then today's work is done.

Anonymous said...

Wow--that tiger looks great!


Carla said...

Then I have overshot.

Carla said...

I mean thanks. You're right Lisa, that doesn't read as I intended.