Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tiger Mascot Mural On-site

"Pounce" transfer drawing
Note to self: SCISSORS LIFT!!!

This project is going well. I plan on having it roughly finished next week, and then spending a couple extra days doing some fun trompe --with the blocks and foliage flying out at us. How large/close can I paint an 'oncoming' concrete block and have it maintain the illusion?


Steven LaRose said...

BRILLIANT! I hope they are paying you well cuz that is by far the best school mural I have ever seen, let alone mural mural. I can hardly wait to see the blocks flyin'

I love driving those scissor lifts around, and I hate climbing those scaffolds and wacking my brush out of my hand by hitting the safety bars.

I sure hope that that isn't a basketball hoop pully system that will block your painting. . .

Carla said...

Thanks Steven. I wouldn't mind doing more of these. The horizontal bars are no problem, but the diagonals were driving me crazy, knocking my brush out and down off the scaffold. Yes, it is a backboard. It's clear though. It will make a very fun free throw distraction.

I'm surprised how easy it is to paint at this scale. There are some drawing faults that I didn't work out completely and had to fudge around at scale (inconsistant eye level between tiger figure and it's setting). In future I'd spend more time with the prep sketch/maquette, but I jsut didn't have time.

But it's very fun to paint critters this big.