Monday, July 14, 2008

Tiger Mascot Mural

Next project is a tiger mascot mural for Northwestern Middle School in Kokomo. I bid this some time ago, but was told it's a go a couple weeks ago. Earlier that same day, my July-scheduled client informed me she would not be ready for a couple of months. Sometimes it does all fall into place.
This will be a 10' x 16' mural in the gymnasium. I'm painting this maquette today, and then I will make a full scale drawing to transfer on-site. Because of the scale, this will almost be plotted out, like a paint by numbers. My goal is to get a fairly three-dimensional illusion using very graphic techniques. The key to this is using the right color in the right shape. I love how one can get a very enjoyable illusion of form with sparse rendering, simply using shapes of color.

This will be fun (except for driving three hours each day).

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