Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pep Talk

I feel guilty and I shouldn't. I'm in the studio every day right now, and am making great progress, but I'm in a relaxed productive mode. This means I'm not clicking fast, but I'm not destroying anything either. I'm making fairly courageous decisions on what was finished work. I'm risking failure, but I'm not volunteering it up. I'm being an adult about revisions. I think this is good, but it has a different psychological feel from freefalling annhilism, which is more my comfort zone. Annhilism is heady stuff. It's dramatic. It satisfies an emotional need. It's a tad bullshitty that way.

New Panels

Where's Alan? I can't find Alan.


Luis Coig Reyes said...

Try finding your black cat at night.

Carla said...

Ha! I love this line from a Nick Cave song: "...and we bred all our kittens white, so we can see them in the night..."